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Join Lumin at Solar & Storage Live USA in Philadelphia, April 10 & 11. You can find us at booth #800.
Join Lumin at Solar & Storage Live USA in Philadelphia, April 10 & 11. You can find us at booth #800.

grid services

As cities and states enact policies to transition homes away from fossil-fueled appliances and towards electrification, utilities face mounting pressure to maintain grid stability. Lumin’s pioneering technology delivers high-capacity demand-side management resources and valuable grid services that redefine how grid operators tackle load management in the age of electrification. 

Gain visibility and control over multiple loads in each home and up-to-the-minute insights across an entire Lumin fleet. Maximize the full potential of your existing infrastructure with robust demand-side management tools, programs and services. 

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Tailored deployment with Lumin Edge

By merging Lumin’s intelligent load management software with a groundbreaking modular design that can be sized to meet specific home or program needs, Lumin Edge provides unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and value. Learn how deploying Lumin Edge grants access and maximizes the value of diverse untapped demand-side resources.

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Intelligent support
Behind-the-Meter Analytics
  • Get high-resolution behind-the-meter analytics to optimize grid operations, improve demand forecasting and shape demand with precision.
Fleet Management Data
  • Access real-time data via API integration to effectively manage dispatches, analyze program performance and make informed infrastructure investments.
Impactful solutions
  • Enhanced Demand Response Programs: Increase demand response event frequency and duration while improving customer experience through push notifications and participation opt-outs.
  • Passive Load Management: Empower customers to optimize energy usage during peak periods, reducing demand and enhancing grid stability for improved energy utilization.
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): Control any connected load as part of the VPP unlocking a broader spectrum of participants, including those without solar or storage.
  • EV Charging Programs: Enable off-peak EV charging programs, reducing grid strain and ensuring optimized, sustained energy usage.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly into utility programs and DERMS, offering substantial cost savings in distribution infrastructure without curtailing energy use.
Optimized grid services
Create programs for demand response or electrification through service upgrade avoidance with the help of Lumin’s platform.
  • Enroll customers for customizable, multi-circuit control with flexible system sizing.
  • Increase demand event frequency while improving customer experience with push notifications and opt-outs.
  • Gain flexible control over multiple loads in the home with real-time responsiveness.
  • Manage Lumin Smart Panel or Lumin Edge fleets through Lumin’s software platform or integrate them directly into your DERMS.
  • Realize substantial kilowatts of avoided costs in distribution infrastructure without decreasing kilowatt-hours of energy sold.
Partner with Lumin
Contact us to learn how Lumin can maximize the value of your utility programs, strengthen the grid, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Utilities partnership
Learn more about our industry and our products with articles from news outlets, thought leadership from our experts, and other resources by Lumin
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