Smart Panel

Smart electrical panel

The Lumin Smart Panel transforms any standard electrical panel into an affordable smart panel capable of providing real-time energy consumption data and circuit-level control while boosting the performance of home microgrids through advanced load control and energy automation.

⚡MSRP: $2500
Smart Power Mode
The affordable, easy to install  smart panel solution
24/7 circuit monitoring, control, and scheduling
Automated energy management
The affordable, easy to install smart panel solution
  • Enables smarter whole home backup without the associated expense
  • Eliminate the need for additional backed up loads subpanels
  • Compatible with all makes and models of solar PV, energy storage, and backup generators
24/7 circuit monitoring, control, and scheduling
  • Customizable circuit prioritization for better power backup experience
Automated energy management
  • Protect against overload and keep your battery running longer

Technical Specifications

Wall-Mount; Indoor or Outdoor
Installer Qualification
Local Electrical Codes and Lumin Installer Certification
Time Required
1.5-4 hours
NEMA Rating
Type 3R
12 kg (27 lb)
10-Year Limited
Compatible Equipment
All Makes/Models/Brands of Electrical Panels and Breakers
Electrical system
AC Voltage
120/240 VAC Split-Phase, 50-60 Hz
Supply Breaker Rating
15-20 A (non-GFCI)
Breaker Types
Single Pole (1 Line) and Dual Pole (2 Lines)
Current Transformers
2 Split-Core 200A Included, Up to 2 Additional Available
Connectivity & Access
Connection Options
Wi-Fi or Ethernet,
i0S, Android, and Web
1-Second Granularity (Averaged from 16 kHz)
Load Controls
Manually/Directly, Automated Schedules, and Automated

Competetive Landscape

Lumin provides the most versatile platform to generate value from energy assets at the grid edge.
Smart Panel
Circuit and Appliance
Circuit and Appliance
Load Shedding
Load Shedding
Demand Management
Demand Management
Elimination of Protected Loads Panel
Elimination of Protected Loads Panel
Time of Use Compatible
Time of Use Compatible
Compatible with Any Panel
Compatible with Any Panel

Project Profiles

Bolstering Resilience in Rural Virginia
“Lumin extends the life of my battery by giving me control over what is powered on during an outage. That additional layer of protection and peace of mind made a huge impact on my decision to invest in a battery backup system that will last years.“
Homeowner, Stephen K.
Charlottesville, VA | Lumin paired with Simpliphi Battery
Load Shedding to Prioritize EV Chargers
“I was concerned about the batteries and began to wonder, and frankly worry, what happens at 2am when the power goes out and my EVs are charging? Would they drain my Powerwalls? How would I deal with that?“
Homeowner, David
Buffalo, NY | Lumin paired with Tesla Powerwall
Deploying Power in California Microgrid
"In addition to load shedding in off-grid mode, Lumin allows me to load swap different areas of the house depending on occupancy. Lumin enabled my microgrid to operate the way I had envisioned it could and it was great fun to put the system together and see it working."
Homeowner, David Butler
Santa Cruz, CA | Lumin paired with Pika Battery

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