Meet Lumin, the responsive home energy manager - a smart electrical panel that enhances your energy storage system in three big ways.

ENABLES Whole home battery backup

  • Powers more during outages
  • Protects critical appliances virtually
  • Sheds loads automatically


  • Avoids exceeding battery discharge limits
  • Avoids premature depletion of stored energy

whole home battery backup


  • Allows for reconfiguration of backed up appliances
  • Conserves stored energy in extended outages
  • Finds balance between comfort and resilience

Lumin Home Spec

pairs with all battery brands

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prioritizes circuits in an outage

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attaches to existing electrical panel

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delivers immediate pay back

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NAMES LUMIN A TOP 2020 Product


“Only smart-circuit products like Lumin allow for easy load management to actually provide backup power to every corner of a home,” says Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World Editor in Chief. “We chose Lumin as a Top Solar Product of 2020 because it is currently transforming the energy storage and backup power experience for homeowners, allowing batteries to perform as advertised.”

If you're interested in increasing visibility into your energy consumption habits and, specifically, how individual appliances in your home behave, installing a Lumin is a great way to do so. What's more, Lumin's devices integrate seamlessly with solar and solar-plus-storage installations to help you get the most out of your backup power and solar production.
— EnergySage
I’d heard from Lumin a few times and didn’t bite, but the penny dropped when I watched their off-grid video. Today Lumin is standard for all solar + Tesla battery installs and integral to designs for homeowners aiming for a fully off-grid system.
— Aaron Davis, President, Palmetto State Solar
Every client I’ve spoken to has said “it’s a no brainer”, so as we get these deals closed I believe we’ll be placing quite a few orders. Thanks again for the persistence when we didn’t know you or what you had to offer!
— Ellsworth Corum III, ESA Solar
Installing the Lumin Energy Management Platform vs. a sub-panel cut the installation time by about 33%.
— Brinson Fuller, Southern Energy Management
There’s a collective sigh of disappointment when customers realize they can’t back up their whole house. With Lumin, what we’re seeing is the ability to give people what they want, which is the flexibility to have access to power everything in their house and to be able to manage it. .
— Jon Donoghue, Cape Fear Solar

Lumin has pioneered responsive energy management – see for yourself how we can enhance your energy storage system by bringing ordinary circuits to life.

Meet Lumin