Lumin Smart Panel
Control what matters.
Lumin Edge.
Control your energy.
It's simple.
How it works
How it works

smart energy system.

  • Off-Grid Functionality
    Receive grid outage push notifications from the Lumin app Control your home battery runway for peak performance during an outage Prioritize electric circuits in real time
  • Time of Use Capabilities
    Tie energy consumption with solar generation to reduce your home's power demand Manage electric appliances to avoid running during maximum price periods
  • Utility Demand Response
    Enroll electric appliances to participate in grid demand response Receive price incentives from your electric utility
  • Know Where Your Energy is Coming From
    Get visibility into the source of electric grid energy supplied to your home Receive granular insights on CO2 impact by energy source and time of the day for optimal decarbonization Create automations to decarbonize your home's energy consumption

Industry experts talk
about Lumin.

This week, Lumin unveiled something new, the Lumin Edge, a handy, fairly plug-and-play product that turns an individual home into a personal grid at a fraction of the cost.
By Chris Crowell
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The Lumin Edge smart energy system tracks and manages a home’s electricity consumption
By Michael Brown
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The Lumin Edge is a new type of energy management system that’s modular, meaning you can easily customize your system depending on how much monitoring and control you actually need.
By EnergySage
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"We chose Lumin as a Top Solar Product of 2020 because it is currently transforming the energy storage and backup power experience for homeowners, allowing batteries to perform as advertised."
By SolarPowerWorld
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Lumin in action.

My battery will last longer with the Lumin Smart Panel
The Lumin panel and Lumin app work together to extend the life of my battery by giving me control over what is powered on in my home during an outage. That additional layer of protection and peace of mind made a huge impact on my decision to invest in a battery backup system that will last years.
Stephen K.
My battery lasts longer
My own home microgrid
In addition to load shedding in off-grid mode, Lumin allows me to load swap different areas of the house depending on occupancy. Lumin enabled my home microgrid to operate the way I had envisioned it could, and it was great fun to put the system together and see it working.
David B.
My own home microgrid
Whole home backup for less
The Lumin Smart Panel makes it possible to essentially have “whole home” backup power without needing the amount of battery storage that would actually be required to power the entire house at once.
Alan C.
Home backup for less
I’m so impressed with the Lumin Smart Panel
We set a schedule to turn off/on electric circuits and have reduced our daily kWh usage by 34%.
Denis S.
I’m so impressed

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