See Lumin at Distributech, February 27-29, at booth #2055, and learn what’s new with our latest load management solution - Lumin Edge.
See Lumin at Distributech, February 27-29, at booth #2055.

Lumin Edge

Modular load control for a flexible, electrified future.
Targeted control at the grid edge

Taking Control What Mattersᵀᴹ to the next level, Lumin Edge pioneers an innovative, modular approach to delivering tailored home energy management. Modular Edge Controllers connect to individual circuits in the home and communicate with a central Edge Hub. Together, they deliver targeted and intelligent load management, providing value to homeowners and the grid.

The Edge family
Edge Hub
  • The central brain – serves as the system gateway
  • Wirelessly communicates with all Edge Controllers
  • Simply connects to the router for easy installation
Controller Module
  • One controller, one load – apply one to each desired load
  • Install anywhere along the load wire
  • Control single-pole or dual-pole loads up to 60A
How Edge Works

Step 1: Enroll in load management utility programs like demand response.

Step 2: Connect Edge Hub to your home’s router via ethernet. 

Step 3: Add as many Edge Controllers as desired to large loads in the home.

Step 4: Get notifications for demand response events and manage your participation.

Step 5: Get paid by your utility to save energy and help the grid.

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Lumin Edge features
Market-Leading Demand-Side Management
  • Enable enhanced demand response programs, virtual power plants (VPPs), EV charging, and whole-home electrification.
Pioneering Modular Design
  • Gain remote load control over the circuits that matter and garner deeper insights into program performance and energy consumption.
Enhanced Demand Response
  • Enroll multiple electric appliances in demand response programs.
  • Get paid by your electric utility to help support grid stability.
  • Receive push notifications for demand response events.
  • Choose to opt out of demand response events by appliance.
TOU Rate Avoidance
  • Avoid costly rates and charges with automated schedules that optimize consumption around time-of-use rates.
  • Mitigate time-of-use charges and maximize energy credits under NEM 3.0.
  • Benefit from on-grid Automations designed to maximize savings and comfort.
Comprehensive Energy Insight
  • Get real-time production and consumption data and circuit-level insights, empowering you to Control What Mattersᵀᴹ.
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