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Lumin now integrates with all Tesla Powerwall batteries -- including Powerwall 3 -- to read and respond to state of charge. Download the Lumin app to get started.

Lumin now integrates with all Tesla Powerwall batteries -- including Powerwall 3 -- to read and respond to state of charge. Download the Lumin app to get started.

Helping homeowners achieve energy independence this summer with smart panels

Published at 2 Jul 2024
Energy independence with the Lumin Smart Panel

One of the 13 original colonies, birthplace to eight U.S. presidents and a central landmark in the American Revolution, Virginia has played a key role in shaping American history. So, it seems fitting that the pioneer of responsive energy management systems, Lumin, was founded in Virginia as well. Since 2016, Lumin has offered the only universally compatible, retrofit-ready load management platform that makes ordinary residential circuits smart. Our innovative solutions are built around one central idea – helping homeowners find energy independence.   

It’s not just in our imaginations, the American Meteorological Society has confirmed that the number of extreme weather events over the past few years has increased and it’s all being linked to climate change. In response, more Americans are opting in to the renewable energy movement. According to Wood Mackenzie, the energy storage market has been breaking records with the majority of installations occurring in California and Texas – two states experiencing unprecedented weather events from wildfires to winter storms. Solar energy and batteries help homeowners rely less on their local power grid and prepare for any unexpected power outages. But there’s an additional, affordable way they can further exercise their energy independence.  

Energy management systems are quickly gaining steam due to their flexibility and enhancement of home solar + storage systems. The Lumin Smart Panel fits right into this group and brings a few additional features to the table that not all smart panels have.  For one thing, the Lumin Smart Panel is designed to be retrofit-ready for a quick, simplified installation process. Here’s why that matters. One common practice is that an installer will tear out the homeowner’s electrical panel and completely replace it with a new smart panel. That’s because most smart panels aren’t retrofit. But this is not the case with Lumin. Instead, the Lumin Smart Panel is a complementary device that seamlessly connects with the existing electrical panel—no major installation or rewiring necessary.  

But the appeal of a Lumin Smart Panel goes beyond the hardware. Our Lumin app holds the key to some of its most distinguishing features. And this is where energy independence comes in. The Lumin Smart Panel enables homeowners to monitor and manage their home’s energy right in the palm of their hands. Using the app, homeowners can customize their ideal experience during a power outage. The app enables the homeowner to choose what circuits have access to the Lumin Smart Panel and then organize them by level of importance. When a blackout occurs, the Lumin Smart Panel goes to work and automatically sheds any electrical loads that aren’t considered a top priority by the homeowner. This extends the solar battery’s runtime and ultimately gives the homeowner flexibility of how that battery’s power is best used. A much different experience than would be possible without a smart panel.  

Why? Without an energy management system, solar batteries are limited to only powering a low number of essential appliances. This is definitely lacking when compared to the Lumin Smart Panel and its ability to give homeowners access to their entire home. Additionally, changing what appliances are powered by the battery is often cumbersome, if possible at all. That is unless there’s a Lumin Smart Panel. The smart panel gives homeowners flexibility to re-prioritize their appliances at any time with a quick flick of their finger. This is extremely valuable since what is considered essential to the homeowner could change at any time.  

For a homeowner with solar power and solar energy storage, the Lumin Smart Panel maximizes their investment by giving them more control over their energy use. But the Lumin Smart Panel is universally compatible, meaning it can also help homeowners with a generator manage their power as well. In other words, this Virginia-born innovation is redefining how Americans use their energy in the best way possible.  

To learn more about the Lumin Smart Panel, reach out to our team.   

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