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Lumin now integrates with all Tesla Powerwall batteries -- including Powerwall 3 -- to read and respond to state of charge. Download the Lumin app to get started.

Lumin now integrates with all Tesla Powerwall batteries -- including Powerwall 3 -- to read and respond to state of charge. Download the Lumin app to get started.

Five Things to Look for When Comparing Smart Panels

Published at 8 May 2024
Unboxing Lumin Smart Panels for an Installation
Five Things to Look for When Comparing Smart Panels

What used to be thought of as reserved for the wealthy or a scene in the latest sci-fi film is becoming not only more attainable but more affordable. Smart home devices are increasing in popularity due to their many benefits including convenience, utility savings and environmental friendliness. These devices — such as automated thermostats, lighting fixtures and security cameras  make up what is often known as a smart home. A study conducted in 2023 found that 42% of homebuyers plan to purchase a smart home within the next couple of years. What’s even more interesting is that energy management has been projected as the fastest growing segment of smart home devices over the next five years.  

Within that segment are smart panels. A smart panel connects to the homeowner’s electrical panel enabling them to easily manage their home’s power distribution. But it’s so much more than that. Smart panels help homeowners optimize their energy use, protect their solar batteries and even help them save money. More than just a great add-on, smart energy management systems are becoming part of the solar + storage ecosystem because they help homeowners make the most out of their systems. Like many solutions, there are various smart panels out there to choose from. With that said, we recommend  homeowners consider the following five things when exploring energy management systems.  

1. Whole-Home Monitoring and Automation 

Smart panels are great to have around when the power goes out, especially if it’s programmed to immediately snap into action. That’s why having an intelligent app integration is crucial to keep things running smoothly. The Lumin app connects with the Lumin Smart Panel to detect and respond to power outages instantly. Using its Smart Power Mode, homeowners can prioritize what appliances they want to power during a blackout without overloading the battery. This setup gives homeowners whole-home backup without the need for multiple solar batteries. 

2. Retrofit-Ready Design  

When it comes to the installation process, time is money. Some smart panels require homeowners to completely replace their existing electrical panel, an expensive and time-consuming process. These types of projects often require a special permit that can extend the installation process and increase costs, sometimes significantly. Part of the permitting process also requires a home inspection to ensure that it is up to code — another added expense. The Lumin Smart Panel comes ready made with a retrofit design that works with any existing load center– no backed up loads panels needed.  

3. State of Charge Battery Integration

State of charge displays the capacity in a battery during a specific moment in time. With state of charge integration, a smart panel can automatically shed lower priority appliances as the battery depletes. We recently announced that the Lumin Smart Panel now integrates with Tesla’s Powerwall+, Powerwall 2 and Powerwall 3 for battery state of charge. We also have battery state of charge integrations with Enphase and SolarEdge. 

4. Cost-Saving Options 

Electricity rates continue to increase across the nation which can lead to unpredictable utility bills, even with solar panels and a solar battery. Some smart panels can help homeowners mitigate unwanted fees by enabling them to set limitations on their energy use when electricity costs are high. The Lumin Smart Panel can be programmed to automatically reduce electrical loads during time-of-use rates or when demand charges kick in. It is also a great asset for homeowners wanting to boost credits under California’s NEM 3.0 program by shifting power to gain the most incentives.   

5. Compatibility with Generators 

We’ve talked a lot about how the Lumin Smart Panel helps homeowners get the best value out of their solar batteries but what about generators? There are plenty of homeowners that aren’t ready to invest in solar + storage or already have a generator that they can rely on for backup power. The Lumin Smart Panel can help them too. Overall, the functionality works in the same way.  Lumin’s smart panel technology manages the energy usage of the home ensuring the generator never reaches overload. 

Not all smart panels are created equal. It’s important to thoroughly investigate the pros and cons of each offering to ensure your homeowners have access to the top products on the market. With the right energy management system, you can add even more value to customers that are looking to get the most out of their solar system. To learn more about the Lumin Smart Panel, contact us 

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