tommy mello

Tommy, a mechanical engineer by degree, leads Lumin’s tech integration lab and brings our vision to its physical form. He has been a part of building, founding, and selling technology and service companies for the past decade. Tommy started his professional career in the electronics packaging industry designing and analyzing the performance of defense and telecommunications systems. He went on to lead an engineering team at CFdesign (Computational Fluid Dynamics software company acquired in 2011). Then became a founding member and engineer of Informative Design Partners (acquired in 2013) and a founding member and engineer of Sim Specialists (acquired in 2017).

Tommy has expertise with electronics hardware, software, and a skill set across multiple engineering disciplines, in addition to having a passion for music and setting a vibe in the office. He puts all of these skills to good use in our lab (the coolest stop on the Lumin office tour) while playing the part of resident DJ. more