The Lumin Story

More than a few of today’s most-recognizable technology companies famously got their start in a founder’s garage. Our story begins in a basement in Charlottesville, VA.

In 2015, Lumin founder Alex Bazhinov was building his first energy-efficiency startup. In the dark, dank basement of one of his initial customers, Alex had a ‘eureka’ moment. He realized that the circuit breaker panels found in more or less every home across the country were the same old, unintelligent devices they’d been for the past 40 years. Somehow—incredibly—the technology and IoT revolution that has transformed so many other parts of our daily lives had entirely bypassed the circuit breaker panel.

The very next year in 2016, Lumin set out to change that. Our goal: to give homeowners the keys to a home’s energy use. We’d do that by harnessing rich, meaningful electricity data and, more importantly, providing unprecedented control of a home’s electricity usage. How? Through innovative technology that makes the circuit breaker panel ‘smart.’ The Lumin Smart Panel was born.

Now, as Lumin grows and as we expand the technology’s features and capabilities, our vision remains unchanged: to eliminate unnecessary energy waste, to reduce a home’s environmental footprint through energy efficiency and better use of green energy, to save our customers money on their monthly utility energy bills, and to provide added security and peace of mind, whether you’re home or away. We’re proud to be doing just that with the industry’s first and only solution that provides direct, circuit-level control of a home’s electricity use.