Project Profiles

Bolstering Resilience in Rural Virginia

“Lumin extends the life of my battery by giving me control over what is powered on during an outage. That additional layer of protection and peace of mind made a huge impact on my decision to invest in a battery backup system that will last years.” READ MORE

Lumin paired with Simpliphi Battery • Charlottesville, VA

Simpliphi Battery

Load Shedding to Prioritize EV Chargers

“I was concerned about the batteries and began to wonder, and frankly worry, what happens at 2am when the power goes out and my EVs are charging?  Would they drain my Powerwalls? How would I deal with that?” READ MORE

Lumin paired with Tesla Powerwall • Buffalo, NY

Tesla Powerwall

Deploying Power in California Microgrid

“In addition to load shedding in off-grid mode, Lumin allows me to load swap different areas of the house depending on occupancy. Lumin  enabled my microgrid to operate the way I had envisioned it could and it was great fun to put the system together and see it working.” READ MORE

Lumin paired with Pika Battery • Santa Cruz, CA

Pika Battery