Before Lumin, homeowners backing up their solar-powered home had to choose between isolating critical loads on a specific (and expensive) subpanel, or possibly face larger battery costs by choosing to back up their whole house. Lumin expands system capabilities by converting existing, ordinary electrical circuits to smart circuits. Our hardware / software platform enables responsive load management that can adjust automatically to battery storage status, grid status, personal preferences.

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Seeing is believing! Show homeowners how easy it is to manage their energy system with the new Lumin demo for your Smartphone. Control circuits, set schedules and simulate off-grid mode to demonstrate the value of responsive energy management.

After downloading the app, email us for login credentials that can be shared with homeowners. 

Lumin: Essential to a Home's Microgrid

Disconnects home from main power grid, allowing home to operate solely on solar and battery as a microgrid.

Where most of home’s circuit breakers are located and serves as main distribution center for a home electrical appliances and systems.

Not always included, connects solar and battery power before entering the home.

Converts solar panel electricity from Direct Current to Alternating Current for home’s use.

Stores solar energy for use during power outage or for daily self-consumption.

Connects to Main Distribution Panel and automatically disables largest circuits to preserve battery capacity in outage. User may reconfigure which circuits to protect in an off-grid situation providing flexibility based on current home needs and outage duration. 24/7 monitoring and remote control of energy.

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