The Lumin Smart Panel wires directly between the circuit breaker panel and a home’s circuits. It’s a streamlined energy solution that integrates with a home, its circuits, and any devices—dumb or smart—that use or produce electricity: appliances, heat pumps, water heaters, televisions, solar panels, EV chargers, etc. It measures current and voltage 10,000 times per second on each circuit.

Plug-and-Play Hardware Installation

The electrician-installed Lumin Smart Panel is safe, code-compliant, and designed and built to UL standards. Our detailed installation manual makes it clear and simple for a licensed, trained professional to get the Lumin Smart Panel installed in roughly two hours. Once installed and connected, the rest of your interactions with the Lumin Smart Panel take place through an intuitive online interface.


Lumin Insights

With the Lumin Smart Panel’s web-based interface, you can log in anywhere, anytime, from any device, whether a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Once logged in, the intuitive interface allows you to manage circuits, set schedules, sign up for alerts, understand device- and circuit-level energy consumption and costs, generate reports and insights, and more.